Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

Braddon Place Plan

City Renewal Authority

A comprehensive place plan for the inner Canberra suburb of Braddon.

OCULUS with Right Angle Studio and CoDesign Studio were engaged by the City Renewal Authority to develop a Place Proposition, Placemaking Plan and Preliminary Sketch Plans for the Braddon precinct in Canberra. Our team provided clear recommendations to the City Renewal Authority on how Braddon can continue to evolve while protecting its unique character.

The Place Proposition, Placemaking Plan and Preliminary Sketch Plans were informed by background research on the history of the neighbourhood, demographics, policy, and place evaluation.

The team undertook extensive community engagement including workshops with businesses, on-street engagement and hosting a Hello Braddon event, which provided more than 300 ideas for Braddon’s future.

The Place Proposition outlines the positive place characteristics that should be preserved or enhanced as Braddon evolves into a higher density mixed-use neighbourhood. It also provides a detailed overview of Braddon’s current and forecasted demographic mix.

The Place Proposition identified four themes that underpin a creative and strategic framework for the precinct’s identity. These themes have guided the actions or the Preliminary Sketch Plans. The four themes are Proudly Urban, Strategically Gritty, Next Nature and People-Powered.

The design strategies focused on physically locating and prioritising ambitions brought out through community consultation.