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ANU Union Court Framework Plan

Australian National University
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A framework for the development of Australia’s top-ranking university.

The Australian National University Union Court Framework Plan provides the framework for the physical growth and social development of Australia’s premier university to 2030 and beyond.

The plan, developed in close collaboration with Civitas and Village Well, will transform the campus into a place that attracts, delights and inspires people to perform at the very highest standards by enhancing the function and urban quality of the university. The plan breaks down current boundaries between the university and central Canberra. The concept also improves connections within the campus for pedestrians and cyclists. The diversity of the landscape will be enhanced, and new buildings will strengthen the campus structure and positively contribute to the social and academic life of the campus.

The natural landscape is a dominant feature of the 145-hectare campus, home to a rich diversity of native plant and animal species. The plan recognises and strengthens the campus’s role in an important ecological corridor for local biodiversity, located adjacent to Black Mountain Nature Reserve and the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

The plan celebrates shared ownership and engagement with place, actively inviting organic change over time.


Canberra, ACT

Aboriginal Country