Bob Earl


Bob Earl is an urban designer, landscape architect and founding partner of OCULUS Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, which was founded in 1993 in the USA. He is now the sole director of its Australian studios, with a close affiliation with the Washington D.C. studio. 


Bachelor of Science (Landscape Architecture),
Pennsylvania State University, USA.

Bob has more than 25 years of experience in landscape architecture, urban design and planning in Australia and overseas, with his skills ranging from developing large-scale master plans to detailed site design of public spaces. His great skills are leading teams on large-scale master plans, towns, public spaces and urban villages, orchestrating strategic ideas and formulating clear visions. 

Bob is a creative thinker and an expert at distilling clear visions and principles. Bob has extensive experience working with government authorities, developers, architects, engineers and other stakeholders on complex master plans and public domain projects.