A photograph taken looking up at a lush green Japanese tree canopy.

Landscape Architects as Change Makers

02 May 2023

Landscape Architects as Change Makers is an exhibition and program of talks presented by the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and the Japanese Landscape Architecture Union as part of Melbourne Design Week 2023.

The bi-lingual exhibition, on display at Melbourne School of Design, investigates the tactics and strategies used by Japanese and Australian landscape architects to implement innovative design outcomes that respond to the cultural and ecological specificity of their regions.

The program draws on the Japanese design experience to rethink the way that Australian landscape architecture is understood and presented, including panel discussions that will bring together Australian and Japanese designers.

Australia and Japan are countries where landscape qualities are celebrated and revered. Yet this does not mean that practising landscape architecture is always smooth sailing. A panel discussion will explore what it means to be a contemporary landscape architect in Japan and Australia. What can we learn from each other? What qualities of practice emerge from our very different cultural, economic and ecological contexts?

Panel 1: Growing the Profession moderated by Claire Martin
What professional opportunities are emerging for landscape architects?

Panel 2: Diversifying the Practice moderated by Ricky Ray Ricardo
Where are our skills currently and how should they be expanded?

Panel 3: Japanese on the Move moderated by Saran Kim
What does it mean to be Japanese but work as a designer in Australia?


  • Kirsten Bauer, ASPECT Studios (Melbourne)
  • Tatsuya Hiraga, Landscape Plus (Tokyo)
  • Anton James, JMD Design (Sydney)
  • Nick Griffin, McGregor Coxall (Melbourne)
  • Jane Irwin, JILA (Sydney)
  • Eiko Tomura, Eiko Tomura Landscape Architect (Tokyo)
  • Akihito Hatayama, SMEC (Melbourne)
  • Miki Mitsuta, Rush Wright Associates (Melbourne)
  • Kiyohito Tamotsu, Losfee (Tokyo)

Register here for your free ticket for Landscape Architects as Change Makers on Sunday 21 May 2023 2:00 PM at RMIT Storey Hall.

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