Diagram from the Green Our Cities Strategic Action Plan testing the proposed Standards. Image: OCULUS

Greener building standards endorsed by City of Melbourne

16 Sep 2020

The City of Melbourne's Future Melbourne Committee has unanimously endorsed an amendment to the planning scheme (C376) that would see all new buildings and as well as some alternations and additions needing to meet stricter sustainability standards that cover environmentally sustainable design, energy, urban heat island, urban ecology, waste and resource recovery, water efficiency, storm water management.

The C376 Planning Amendments are the outcome of a 2+ year project by the City of Melbourne to improve the sustainability standards of buildings across the municipality, to reduce emissions, achieve broad sustainability outcomes and green and cool the city.

OCULUS formed part of the multidisciplinary team that prepared the foundation for the C376 Amendment: the Green Our City Strategic Action Plan, a collaborative project by Arup, Oculus, HillPDA and Junglefy that put forward a suite of sustainable design and green infrastructure standards.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects has a been an active contributor to the project's External Advisory Committee and are supportive of the changes.

The City of Melbourne will now advocate the Victorian Government to consider adopting the Standards state-wide, rather than allowing every Council to prepare separate yet similar amendments and policies.

A key outcome of the Green Our City Strategic Action Plan project was Green Factor, a green infrastructure assessment tool designed by City of Melbourne (and separate consultant team) developed to help with designing and constructing new buildings that are environmentally friendly and include green infrastructure. Recently launched under a pilot phase, Green Factor brings forward discussions regarding the consideration and integration of green infrastructure to the start of a design process.

Read more about the Green Our City Strategic Action Plan here.

Read more about Green Factor here.

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