A photograph of a large group of people gathering in a sunny park, everyone is facing towards a tent with a pink roof, listening to a speech. Trees and blue sky is visible in the background.

Images: ‘Yes’ Week of Action at Petersham Park, Sydney, NSW (Above). Reconciliation Australia at Canberra Multicultural Festival. The ‘Yes’ Campaign Logo and Motif based on artwork by Birra Gubbi artist Lara Watson. (Below).

From the Heart, Yes

20 Feb 2023

This week the From the Heart ‘Yes’ campaign launched to encourage Australians to respond ‘yes’ in a referendum that seeks to enshrine an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the constitution – a document which can only be changed if the majority of voters, in a majority of states, vote ‘yes’.

From The Heart Director Dean Parkin, said now is the opportunity for Australia to seize this historic moment, “it’s a chance to explain how a ‘yes’ vote at this year’s referendum will give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a say in the laws and policies that directly impact their lives, and to deliver practical change.”

Last week, Reconciliation Australia announced the theme for National Reconciliation Week 2023 is, ‘Be a Voice for Generations.” The theme calls on Australians to honour the work of past generations who fought for justice in Australia and to work together today to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation, including the Voice to Parliament, for future generations.

Earlier this year we explored the Voice, referendum, and Uluru Statement in more detail. OCULUS is committed to continuing this important conversation and we encourage you to join us:

A photograph of four people smiling at the camera in front of a market stall. Two of the people are wearing t-shirts which say 'be a voice for generations'

A graphic logo which consists of the word 'yes' in red, on top of a white circular Aboriginal motif, on a pale pink background.

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