A still from Greening Our Cities, by Never Too Small.

Claire Martin and OCULUS feature in Small Footprint documentary series

09 Nov 2021

OCULUS's Claire Martin features in the latest two episodes of the Small Footprint documentary series by Never Too Small.

The first episode, titled Greening our Cities, explores the relationships between humans, nature and culture and how the way we design our cities shapes those relationships. Rob Adams of the City of Melbourne and Indigenous architect Jefa Greenaway also feature in the episode.

What does a small footprint city look like outside of our homes? How do we use small footprint thinking to better connect ourselves with nature and culture? This connection helps us live happier, healthier lives, but as Rob Adams shares in Melbourne’s Southbank suburb, better planning is often set aside in the name of maximising building space. Landscape architect Claire Martin and Victoria's first registered architect with an Indigenous background, Jefa Greenaway are taking on the task of improving Melbourne’s public, cultural and green spaces by finding Innovative ways to incorporate them into the identity of our growing city. Giving everyone in the city an opportunity to reconnect with nature and a true sense of place.

The second episode, titled Building Happier Cities, features Claire (filmed in part at Melbourne Quarter) alongside Jefa Greenaway, Rob Adams and Paty Rios.

COVID-19 has highlighted some of the biggest problems with the way we design our homes and the cities around them. But it’s also given us a chance to reset, reflect on, and amplify what is good about them. Rob Adams and Claire Martin believe that considered small footprint design can radically change the way we use our cities post-COVID. Particularly if we move away from the city centre being a hub for everything. Jefa Greenaway and Paty Rios want to make it possible for our suburbs to serve us in the way our city centres do now. From a 20sqm apartment to streets, blocks and suburbs, small footprint thinking gives us an opportunity to build inclusive, connected, happier cities that have the space for us all.

Watch Part 1 here.

Watch Part 2 here.

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