AILA + AIA Victoria award wins

22 Jun 2022

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) have both recently announced the winners of the Victorian chapters of their 2022 Awards.

We're pleased that our projects have been recognised across a variety of categories, and we're especially proud to see OCULUS Landscape Architect Molly Coulter celebrated with a Future Leaders Award from AILA Victoria!

  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Victoria Award for Research, Policy, & Communication – Green Our City Action Plan (with Arup, HillPDA and Junglefy)
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects Victoria Award for Cultural Heritage – Wesley Place
  • Australian Institute of Architects Victoria – The John George Knight Award for Heritage – Wesley Place
  • Australian Institute of Architects Victoria Commendation for Commercial Architecture 2022 – Wesley Place
  • Australian Institute of Architects Victoria Awards – The Henry Bastow Award for Educational Architecture – Loreto Mandeville Hall Clendon Centre (with Architectus)

Wesley Place delivers valuable new green public space within Melbourne's CBD. The AILA jury "commends the successful integration of both the built and living heritage assets, alongside the new development to create a welcoming and inclusive landscape that contributes to the life of the city."

According to the AIA jury, "the conservation and restoration of Wesley Place is a tour-de-force in the activation of a heritage complex within the public realm. A dynamic spatial fluidity has been generated between and around the historic buildings, ancient trees, and historic fencing. Wesley Place is the winner of the highest accolade in the heritage category for its remarkable achievement in carefully conserving and preserving built heritage, for facilitating adaptive reuse and for revealing an exciting new public space to the City of Melbourne."

The Green Our City Action Plan was recognised by the AILA jury as a document that "advocates for the value of landscape architecture and provides a well-researched resource to extend the profession’s knowledge base through global benchmarking."

The 2022 AILA Victoria Awards Jury included Lisa Howard (Chair), Skye Haldane, Mark Corea, Emily Floyd, Peter Elliott, Kirstine Wallis, and Stephan Tan.

Winning projects will now progress to both the AILA and AIA national awards programs – watch this space!

View the AILA Victoria Awards Presentation here.

Browse the AIA Winners Gallery here.

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