Rouse Hill Backyard


Rouse Hill Backyard

LocationThe New Rouse Hill, Rouse Hill, NSW
ClientGPT, Lend Lease
ServicesLandscape Architecture, Playspace Design
Site Area500 sqm (5,380 sqft)
Budget$1.2 million AUD

The Rouse Hill Backyard playground is located in the heart of the Rouse Hill Town Centre, a regional destination incorporating, retail, commercial and residential uses.

The brief called for the play place to meet the following objectives: offer a minimum of 45 minutes of playtime; cater for toddlers and children of up to eight years old; invite exploration, imaginative interpretation and graduated challenge; offer opportunities for rest and reflection; make reference to the surrounding bushland; be safe and secure; comply with Australian Standards for safety; provide shade and rain protection and respond to the surrounding retail tenancies.

The space was conceived of as a forest scene:

The playground received the Kidsafe National Playspace Design Award for Public Playspaces - Urban Precincts in 2010