Waterfront Station


Waterfront Station

LocationWashington, DC
ClientWaterfront Associates
ServicesMaster Planning, Site Design, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration
Site Area20 ac (8 ha)
Date2006 - 2011

The Waterfront Station Master Plan and landscape design transform the site of the former urban renewal-era Waterside Mall into a new urban center in Southwest Washington, DC. The design reflects the special character of this part of the Anacostia Waterfront Redevelopment effort and establishes improved pedestrian and vehicular connections to the city. The reopened 4th Street SW and new pedestrian and metro plazas create an enhanced public realm.

The Waterfront Metro Plaza design utilizes planters and water features tied together with ribbons of seating to establish a new gathering space and entry to the Waterfront development. A second pedestrian plaza, which creates an east-west connection across the site, is designed with artful paving and planting to create spaces scaled for retail use, gatherings, and events.

Watercolor illustrations credit: Vladislav Yeliseyev Architectural Illustration