Grand Canyon National Park


Grand Canyon National Park

LocationGrand Canyon, AZ
ClientNational Park Service
ServicesResearch, Landscape Analysis, Heritage Conservation, Master Planning
Site AreaMultiple large-scale developed areas within the park
Budget$270,000 USD (Professional Fee)
Date2000 - 2003

OCULUS undertook planning and design services for a suite of projects within Grand Canyon National Park—a World Heritage Site. The scope of these projects included historical research and documentation, assessment of existing conditions, comparative analysis of the historic and existing landscape characteristics, and preparation of treatment and design recommendations to support resource management and the planning and design of rehabilitated and new facilities.

Cultural landscape reports were prepared for the Grand Canyon Village National Historic Landmark District on the South Rim; North Rim Bright Angel Peninsula Developed Area including the entrance station and entrance road; and Indian Garden located within the Grand Canyon, 4.5 trail miles (7.2 km) below the Bright Angel Trail head on the South Rim. Cultural landscape inventories and treatment recommendations were prepared for Desert View Watchtower Historic District on the South Rim and West Rim Drive west of Grand Canyon Village.

These projects included the first cultural landscape reports undertaken for Grand Canyon National Park and provided design guidance to millions of dollars of line item construction projects.

Image credits: National Park Service