Ghost House


Ghost House

LocationJackson’s Landing, Pyrmont, NSW
ClientLend Lease
ServicesUrban Design, Landscape Architecture
Site Area60 sqm (645 sq ft)
Budget$250,000 AUD

As part of the site interpretation strategy for Jackson’s Landing, Lend Lease invited OCULUS to create a public space on a former terrace house block in Pyrmont. All that remained of the house was the floor slab and a shared brick wall.

The design brief called for a usable and engaging public space that would celebrate both the unique history and exciting future of Jackson’s Landing, a waterfront urban renewal site. The ghostly atmosphere of the remnant terrace house inspired the basis of the design. The house has been reinvented by the construction of a steel frame that outlines its elevation and by a band of sandstone paving that marks out the original floor plan.

Stainless steel cables allude to the cobwebs that one might find in an old, haunted house while providing structure for climbing plants to re-build the walls of the house. The front garden has been designed to grow over and invade the house.

The space contains three archaeological boxes that hold artifacts and relics uncovered during the development of Jackson’s Landing on the former CSR Refinery site. These boxes also function as seating elements and have been located in such a way that they can accommodate both individual users or encourage interaction between multiple people.