Montpelier Place


Montpelier Place

LocationSt. Patrick’s Estate, Manly, NSW
ClientLend Lease
ServicesLandscape Architecture
Site Area1.4 ha (3.5 ac)
Budget$5.4 million AUD
Date2003 - 2006

Montpelier Place is located within the prestigious St. Patrick’s Estate on the former historic Anglican Seminary site at Manly, a suburb of northern Sydney. The project consists of twelve detached dwellings designed by leading Australian architects. The sites have been designed to incorporate the existing landscape.

The character of this part of St Patrick’s Estate is an extension of the street with new housing stock nestled within a backdrop of native bushland typical of the adjacent Sydney Harbour National Park.

OCULUS developed the landscape architecture to take full advantage of the natural features of the site including sandstone outcrops and a progression of spaces created by the existing trees. This progression of spaces was also maintained along the front gardens of the respective houses forming an open space that celebrates and reinforces the natural character of the site.

The landscape design treats the front gardens of all twelve houses as a singular space in which the houses appear to float. There are no front fences to the houses and no side fences. The perception of passing through sequential spaces as you proceed along the road is reinforced by beds of understory plants alternating with lawns that flow across the property boundaries of the individual houses.

At the rear of the houses a ten-metre (32-ft) setback forms a fuel-managed habitat corridor for the local bandicoots.