Centennial Park Grand Drive Refurbishment


Centennial Park Grand Drive Refurbishment

LocationCentennial Park, Paddington NSW
ClientCentennial and Moore Park Trust
ServicesDesign Guidelines, Landscape Design, Construction Documentation, Construction Observation
Site Area189 ha (467 ac)
Budget$3.5 million AUD

Centennial Park, located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, is a grand park in the European landscape tradition. It spans 189 hectares (467 acres) and features grand avenues, formal gardens, sport fields, ponds, statues, and heritage buildings.

OCULUS was engaged by Centennial and Moore Park Trust to upgrade Grand Drive, the primary circulation route around the park.

The design response refines the circulation route as a series of designated spaces for the various users including walkers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders, and motorists. This was achieved by removing the visual clutter and incorporating a simple palette of robust and sympathetic materials including both new and recycled sandstone, asphalt, and steel. A broken sandstone kerb separates the footpath from the parking areas and detailed grading, combined with semi-porous asphalt, directs water into the root zone of the existing trees.

Through careful design and use, as well as reuse of materials, the iconic and historic status of Centennial Park was both maintained and celebrated.

Image Credits: Simon Patching (1-9)