ANU Pop-Up Reunion Village


ANU Pop-Up Reunion Village

LocationCanberra, ACT
ClientAustralian National University
ServicesMaster Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Site Area4,000 sqm
Budget$4.2 million AUD
Date2016 - 2017

Designed as the temporary heart of the ANU campus for 18 months during the redevelopment of the new Union Court development, the ANU Pop-Up Reunion Village was master planned and designed by OCULUS and Craig Tan Architects in association. Conceived as a connective day and night environment for the students, the village accommodates the temporary relocation of ANU’s retail core, including student services, student organisations, common spaces, and food and beverage.

Arranged as an ensemble of newbuild, and adaptively reused spaces, the village is gracefully integrated into the campus at University avenue, forming a gateway between the ANU and the city. The urban design for the village has been through a ‘landscape lead’ approach and touches lightly on the landscape. The skilful interplay of proximities and scale across the village demonstrates a holistic interpretation of place that interweaves in-between spaces to encourage social connectivity for the University and the greater Canberra populace.

The pop-up village has been a huge success and has re-centred the ‘village heart’ of the ANU campus in a way that show cases adaptive reuse, a wholistic sensitive design approach which includes different spaces and places that can be used throughout the year. Complementing the Commons space, the adaptive reuse of Melville Hall was key to creating a workable, insulated space for the village that would mitigate the cold Canberra Winters. The stain chosen for the plywood is a custom water-based stain that ghosted off and sealed the plywood and evokes a poetic resonance with the trunks of the local Eucalyptus trees.

Image Credit: Jamie Diaz Berrio