Brett Whiteley Place and Elizabeth Plaza


Brett Whiteley Place and Elizabeth Plaza

LocationNorth Sydney, NSW
ClientNorth Sydney Council
ServicesLandscape Architecture
Site Area

The Brett Whiteley Place and Elizabeth Plaza project was a significant public domain upgrade for the main public space in the North Sydney CBD. The transformation of the plaza from a very tired and dilapidated space designed in the 1980s to what it is today required significant re-grading, utility services realignment, realignment of pedestrian access and circulation, the creation of new gathering and event spaces, new furniture elements, high quality paving, planting, public art, refurbishment of the existing water features and decorative lighting to renew and transform the space.

The concept took it's inspiration from Brett Whiteley's artworks. It started off treating the space as a blank canvas onto which a sinuous line was added creating a moment of turmoil and turbulence. This then started to define the layout of urban interventions with an events space, plinths for temporary art installations and a series of sculptural terraced spaces running down the space.

The result is a dynamic, flexible and contemporary urban space which Council is now making full use of by organising events during lunch time and evenings for the community to enjoy and participate in.

Photography - Simon Wood