Caddies Creek Regional Open Space and Playground


Caddies Creek Regional Open Space and Playground

LocationRouse Hill, NSW
ClientLend Lease GPT
ServicesDesign Guidelines, Landscape Architecture
Site Area9,000 sqm (main play space and picnic area)
Budget$4,000,000 AUD

OCULUS has been involved with the design of the Rouse Hill Regional Centre project for more than ten years with GPT and Lend Lease. The Town Centre is firmly embedded into the wider region by means of visual and physical links to key landscape elements notably Caddies Creek.

OCULUS, in collaboration with Civitas, was initially engaged in 2004 to prepare the Design Guidelines for Caddies Creek Precinct in Rouse Hill. The guidelines encompass: Open Spaces - vegetation and water systems; Circulation - bridges, paths and cycleways; and Site Elements - structures, furniture, lighting, signage and public art. Careful attention was given to quality of materials and design, user accessibility and integration into the overall community, heritage issues, environmental concerns, flooding issues, public and recreational amenities, community identity and maintenance requirements.

The Caddies Creek Regional Open Space and Playground includes a large section of the regional cycleway through the site, 3 new creek crossings, picnic areas and a new environmental play space. The new north-south regional cycleway and creek crossings complete key parts of the pedestrian and cycle network for the regional centre. Picnic areas were sited to sit within the existing bushland setting and make use of existing clearings. Bespoke shelters with tables and seating were provided to take advantage of key views and allow close supervision of the play space.

The play space sits within a natural setting, taking advantage of existing trees for shade and to define spaces. It includes a variety of play opportunities for different ages, including custom-designed and natural elements, integrated with new planting. A small amphitheatre, created by means of a terraced deck and landform, acts as a gathering space and potential outdoor classroom for the nearby schools. A network of different pathways connect the different play areas and elements, and provide an interactive experience in themselves. A key aim of the design was to stress the connection with the natural environment of the creekline through physical, visual and emotional connections.

Photographer: Simon Wood