Victoria Green Play Space


Victoria Green Play Space

LocationMelbourne, VIC
ClientLend Lease
ServicesLandscape Architecture
Site Area700 sqm
Budget$300,000 AUD

The Victoria Green Play Space and associated works were commissioned by Lend Lease to coincide with the delivery of the Serrata residential tower on site C2 at Victoria Harbour.

Victoria Green was constructed well in advance of any adjacent development, so the design of the play space was both an opportunity to activate the edge of the new building and to re- contextualise the existing park. This project aimed at repairing and adapting the existing space to provide opportunity for active uses autonomous of retail offer or the activation of built form.

ASPECT|OCULUS worked closely with the City of Melbourne to develop a brief for the project which includes a play space for children of up to five years old, a cafe, a new laneway connection to Bourke Street and a fitness station as well as new planting and paths.

The custom-made play space is configured as a giant folding deck that occupies both the ground plane and the adjacent wall of the Serrata podium. The folds and changes of levels within the deck provide opportunities for climbing, while carefully located play pieces facilitate digging, sliding, balancing and stepping. The deck is grounded in a large sand pit bordered by a seating wall with provision for pram parking, sitting and supervision. A drinking fountain within the wall provides drinking water and water for sand play.