Victoria Harbour Water Plaza


Victoria Harbour Water Plaza

LocationMelbourne Docklands, VIC
ClientLend Lease
ServicesUrban Design and Landscape Architecture
Site Area
Date2010 - 2012

Located at the water’s edge, the Water Plaza is an activity node in the middle of Victoria Harbour’s? East Promenade. The design was created by ASPECT | OCULUS, a joint venture partnership.

The Victoria Harbour Master Plan document (also prepared by ASPECT|OCULUS) designated the space as a multifunctional area to allow for special events, temporary public art, harbour viewing, exercising and ferry and tour boat pick up and drop off. This project sought to deliver small-scale public spaces for these activities and to facilitate the incorporation of autonomous retail outlets further down the track.

The previous design for the site featuring an orange wall and flat paved zone is retained within the new scheme and re-furnished with series of devices, walls, planters, decks, over-size benches, tables and a canopy structure that enable occupation and in-habitation.

Custom made elements for the site include a giant steel planter arranged to protect against prevailing winds, and furnishings cut and carved into the planter creating nooks and intimate spaces. As part of these works, the existing promenade was retrofitted with a number of wharf- scaled mass concrete walls retaining mounded lawn forms. These elements hold the commercial and retail edge of promenade; provide a scale that mediates between the vertical scale of the adjacent towers and the emphatically horizontal scale of the Harbour.