Dyuralya Square


Dyuralya Square

LocationSydney, NSW
ClientCity of Sydney
ServicesConcept Design
Site Area1,500sqm
Budget$2.8 million

OCULUS was engaged by the City of Sydney to design Dyuralya Square, a large civic square and future ‘heart’ of Sydney’s Lachlan Precinct near Moore Park. Located on Gadigal Avenue adjacent to a planned light rail stop, the square is designed as a place for local activities including temporary small events (e.g. markets and swap-meets), incidental play, day-to-day recreation and outdoor dining. The square contains a series of garden rooms for relaxation and socialisation, a lawn terrace and several urban courts.

The design interprets and reveals the site’s rich natural and cultural history in different ways. The arrangement of the garden rooms mirrors the layout of fine grain terrace terraces that previously occupied the site and a water sculpture alludes to the original swamp line that traversed the lower half of the site. The arrangement of furniture, paving and tree pits is guided by the old factory alignments, depicted as inlays within the paving.

In addition to providing spaces for residents of the Lachlan Precinct to congregate and enjoy community events, the square includes smaller-scale intimate spaces for individuals to reflect and seek refuge from the noise and activity of a high density urban environment. Trees, hedges and level changes help to provide shelter, privacy and separation. A consistent materials palette binds the more open spaces and closed private spaces together and helps to create a common vernacular.

The design process was exhaustive and focused, with a high level of design collaboration with urban designers and landscape architects from the City of Sydney. Coupled with quite extensive research into the program, scale and arrangement of other comparable urban squares, the design process helped deliver a bold, pragmatic and welcoming public open space.