Buluk Park Play Space


Buluk Park Play Space

LocationMelbourne, Victoria
ClientLend Lease and the City of Melbourne
ServicesMaster Planning, Landscape Architecture
Site Area500m2
Budget$AUD 1 million

Buluk Park Play space is the civic heart of Victoria Harbour set amidst a vibrant urban park book ended by a new public library, temporary activation, retail and community uses. A green destination for residents and workers and destination for greater Docklands and Melbourne this important public space spans from the Yarra River to Victoria Harbour. The park and play space are a key nodal point in Victoria Harbour’s recreational loop, providing an activated ground plane for public art, interpretative sites, and a variety of recreation and activation. In collaboration with ASPECT, the play space design has been carefully sited, contributing to, not impacting on the high visual amenity of the space, providing lighting, drinking fountains, and extensive seating opportunities, and tables.The 500m2 play space promotes diversity of play combining a treed urban park setting with three play space zones: sensory play, water play and adventure play, with the design inspired by traditional child’s play - cardboard boxes and cubby houses.

Buluk is an Aboriginal language name meaning wetlands or swamp, chosen as a reflection of the original environment. The water play design draws heavily on the site’s harbour and riverside setting. The water play comprises six separate water sources with different types of jets as well as textured concrete channels with brass deflectors or jewels.

Overall, the play space successfully combines expansive views with intimate spaces, dry and wet play, tactile and auditory elements, shelter and comfort, interior and exterior, prospect and refuge, adventure and repose. Proprietary elements and customised components combine with natural materials and bright colour, embedded in a verdant urban setting. The elements successfully combine to create a rich continuous journey of diverse experiences, from stroking stones to dance chimes, reflective and drawing surfaces.

Partners: ASPECT; NCA Water Features + International Fountains; GHD; Play DMC

Image Credit: Photographer Andrew Lyon and ASPECT I OCULUS