Shiralee Master Plan and DCP


Shiralee Master Plan and DCP

LocationOrange, NSW
ClientCity of Orange
ServicesUrban Planning & Design; Landscape Architecture
Site Area299 ha

OCULUS was engaged by the City of Orange to provide urban design consultancy services for the preparation of the Shiralee Master Plan and DCP in South Orange. Shiralee is a new urban village that will include a compact village centre, housing, parks and conservation areas to a wide range of future residents and visitors.

The Shiralee Master Plan is informed and underpinned by a thorough understanding of the site’s natural attributes and special qualities, its contextual relationships to surrounding land uses within Orange and by the desire to create an inclusive village that enriches people’s quality of life and provides mixed housing, community services and jobs.

The site’s steeper slopes, high points and bushland areas are conserved as public parks or integrated into large lots. To compensate for the increased areas of open space and small farming lots, the average housing lot has been reduced in size. Instead of rolling out the typical 400-800 sqm lots found in other release areas of Orange (and elsewhere in NSW) lots have been designed down to 200sqm. By providing lots from 200sqm to 2 hectares, a maximum diversity of people and lifestyles will be accommodated. The smaller lots suitable for small cottages and terraces aim to meet increasing housing demand by the elderly, smaller families and lower income people.

Community and stakeholder consultation was conducted during the design process. It identified a strong desire to create a distinct and identifiable village that exemplifies best practice urban design, whilst maintaining the semi-rural and natural qualities of the site.

Streets and properties at the entry points to Shiralee will be green and open, with larger lots adjacent. Higher densities will be located close to the village core and in places where views and access to open space is best. Intimate pockets of development will create a strong sense of community. The Master Plan contains a hierarchy of public open spaces including the larger district park, ridge top parks, linear reserves, and small, intimate local green spaces.

The project represents a new direction for Orange City Council and regional urban design. Instead of just extending the fringe of Orange with more standard housing, the team has created a new independent village with the cross section of housing types and public spaces that goes with any traditional rural village. The sameness that has characterised many new subdivisions has been deliberately avoided in favour of a fresh and landscape-inspired village master plan.


2014 AILA NSW Award Public Practice Achievement Award (collaborative award for Orange City Council/OCULUS)

2014 AILA NSW Award of Excellence for Planning