Gardens by the Bay


Gardens by the Bay

LocationBay Central, Singapore
ClientNational Parks Board of Singapore
ServicesMaster Planning, Landscape Architecture
Site Area16 ha (40 ac)

The vision for Singapore has evolved from creating “a Garden City” to “a City in a Garden.” The goal is to “put in place a pervasive garden ambience and quality living environment from which Singapore’s downtown will rise, and steer Singapore to the forefront of the world’s leading global cities.

Gardens by the Bay is seen as the centerpiece, encapsulating Singapore’s natural qualities, history and culture, forming a green lung at the heart of the city. It will consist of three gardens, unique in theme and content, and as a whole will form one of the world’s great tropical gardens of Singapore.

OCULUS took part in an international competition to design one of the three gardens, Bay Central. The most linear of the three, Bay Central is intended to provide seamless connectivity and to complete the waterfront loop linking Bay South, Bay East, the Sports Hub and the City. The design brief called for the creation of usable open space, recreational facilities and activation for Marina Bay Centre, the City and beyond.

The approach was to design the master plan for Bay Central as an ecological garden—a piece of green infrastructure. This helped to understand and develop the full potential of the site; environmentally, socially, culturally and economically. The scheme is one of three entries that have been short-listed.